Termite Prevention

Homeowners Guide to Termite Prevention:

  • Have your Pest Control Professional check your house at least once a year for signs of termites.

  • If you have a stucco covered house; the stucco should be cut at least 4 inches above ground level.
    Uncut stucco is the perfect hiding place for termites, that are using mud tubes to enter your home.

  • Mulch may look nice, but it holds moisture. Subterranean Termites need moisture to survive, rocks or pine straw are a good alternatives.

  • Shrubbery should be planted no closer than 3 feet from the foundation of your home.
    Shrubbery holds moisture, and its roots make perfect highways for termites.

  • Firewood is a good food source for termites, keep firewood stacked away from your home.

  • Sprinklers should be aimed away from your house and foundation.
    Keep moisture away from your home’s foundation

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