Q: How can you tell the difference between an ant and a termite?
A: Ants have a pinched waist and termites have a cigar shaped body.

Q: I have a spot in my lawn, what is it?
A: Spots can be caused by many things, however depending on the time of year the two most common spots in St. Augustine lawns are from chinch bugs and fungus.

Chinch Bug Damage

Fungus Damage

Q: When do termites swarm?
A: Subterranean Termites swarm primarily in the daytime during the month of March, however they can swarm as early as February and as late as April. Drywood Termites swarm primarily at night during the month of June, however they can swarm as early as April and as late as August.

Q: What is that noise I hear in my attic at night? Is it Squirrels?
A: No, Squirrels sleep at night, in their nests. Rodents however are very active, and cause much of their damage at night.

Q: Why do I have white moths flying out of my lawn?
A: White moths are a sign of Sod Web Worm activity. There are two stages in a Sod Web Worms life, the larval stage and the adult moth stage. The larval stage is what causes the actual damage, as they feed on the grass blades at night.

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